Writing On Sticky Pavement

The writer’s pleasure comes from sitting down and playing with sentences until they are drenched with imagination and a strong point of view. The process works for me like that. It’s just as delightful to corrupt them too, so they’re not perfect, clipped, tight and boring.

Sometimes a glass of good (or even bad) red helps too. Did I say a glass?

Moving on…

Some of the more brilliant books I’ve read recently (mainly non-fiction)  have received the most petty online criticisms. I think this occurs sometimes when a writer puts a great argument out there and some people get a bit rattled so they turn to ridicule and small oversights in editing… bloody hell!

The opportunity to comment online has opened the door for everyone to have their say which is a good thing.

Please have your say…

This space has been created by me to do some verbal free-wheeling about various issues of interest. In all aspects it may not be perfect but I hope it’s interesting. It’s certainly NOT a place where I want experts to feel comfortable.

Oh! I don’t expect agreement with the things I write about and your feedback in the way of good argument will be something to look forward too.

Enjoy the journey.

Ian G Graham.



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