Postmodern Heroes with Butterfingers.


by Ian G Graham…

Do the horns of time,

sound for us –

in sallow metered rhyme?


Or frown upon our bended frame –

a marked receding lame?


Or locate meaning in a self-imposed vacuum –

truth weighed on melting castles –

where petty claimants swim and strangle reality in existential soup.     


I cry tears that matter…

An illusion in a liquid dream,

Plato’s cat builds castles in her sandpit,

matchsticks rain down to strike a revolution,

Default Freedom…                                                

Failing progressiveness of everything…



Is cosmology circus tricks and acts?

A cold stirring of skeletal uprisings in protest about death?







4 thoughts on “Postmodern Heroes with Butterfingers.”

  1. Wow, I must admit that the post just after this one I didn’t understand a thing but this one is so deep.
    Hey, nice to stumble on awesome poets, I’m Idealize from Idealizeblog and you just liked s post and decided to follow me so I greatly appreciate it and thank you. Hope to see you around often and I think I will stick around.
    Please have a great week, take good care of yourself and good luck with everything.


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