Who Invited This Joker?


by Ian G Graham. 

Infinite regress causes its own suffering,

crucifying itself in a cold bath of its own resurrection.




Can I avail that mask to search past the blockages in me?


Ockham at his workspace so little he wants,

playing in foxholes…

designing wormholes…

to transport him to Andromeda.

Perceptions are veneered hooters that sit on the face of intention.

Blind dirtiness of the senses that smudge insight…



4 thoughts on “Who Invited This Joker?”

      1. Multiverse? I don’t know much about the theory, how a series of solved questions adds up to the existence of other universes. I don’t know who authored this quote or where it’s from, but here: “The universe isn’t made of worlds. The world is made of universes.”


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