Moonlight Lines Written in Cottesloe Forrest…


by Ian G Graham.

It’s calm tonight…

a quiet- caressing- breeze- dusts my face,

cleansing the brush of haste,

transcending minute regrets.


I locate myself in the vastness…

of stellar twilight,

of strewn stardust,

of eternal force.


Moonlit clouds capture tonal grace…


But depths of night rapture,

wear a mask of hollow reality,

like all masks baring an excuse for indifference


Beneath these whispering pines,

I come to steal the crown,

of radiance and harmony in the spheres… 


to the night with floating chorus –

to breathe a resonance of fresh possibility –

to shape harmonies on the drifts reality –

to transcend the impregnation of corrupted being with non-being –

to track the future forged with caution –

to revive worn surfaces of love suffered –

to hold shape amid swirling winds –


Scars fade on distant milky shores.

Leaving you to exist in me again.




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