by Ian G Graham.

I look up
down and around
for the child I knew now gone.


Shock and surprise was profound

as heaven left my infancy

growing caused uneducated guesses

spawned by tearful accidents

tears swallowed in fears

in a world accented with the senses

elders looked on with forlorn hope.


I look in
out and about
for the youth who challenged the world.


When Jilly rode me flat in her green 1963 FJ Holden

that hit the road with its bumper every time we came to a bend

and the cops pulled us over and checked my back pocket

to see if I’d burgled the local church

and stolen the Holy Grail

I said I had NOT knowing full-bloody-well

I had with its contents of wine rolling around in my belly.


I look over
under and wonder
for the man who said I can do and I will.


Hunting for gold in an old mining ghost town

under a tin sheet in the desert of bright red dirt

while old ghosts hide in old thirsty trees

watching us from twisted old branches make love

in a world that had no place in our heaven.


I look close
near and far
searching for truth in the dust of a star.


A red dwarf?

A white dwarf?

A super-nova to be?

Or me in the corner of a luminous dog’s eye?

Mother wine sings loud with silent lips

I’m enfolded in her lyrical chant and red-gaze.


I look to see
If he’s here or there
but it seems he’s never anywhere


To sleep perchance to dream and dream and….

a life lived to host a cover

of lifespans, larger

life lived to mute and diminish life, smaller

as her guests we lovers often fail to shift

with the coaxing of our suffocated chants

faint echoes across the dark night of… discordance.


3 thoughts on “Retro-Glimpses…”

  1. Looking for a life lived now and in pieces of yesterday. Could we find the ones dropped behind the couch, under the piano and complete the puzzle of ourselves, or is the picture best painted in watercolors, without edges or a frame?

    Nice work. This place makes my brain hurt. A good thing, so I’m told.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Phil, revisiting a place or coming across an object anywhere can be powerful. Your comments are the basis for many pieces. One just needs to sit and drift a bit. Not sure if we ever complete the puzzle though.


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