A Forest Portrait.

by Ian G Graham.

1996d821eb205da9be9f336f04d2e4a4 The soul of the forest is open to the fullness of its meaning.

Soft, sharp colors that shape and bend its destiny.

Colors splashed twice, three times laid… indelible.

Wandering misty moods thread

an elegant tapestry in the tunnels of consciousness

to be stumbled upon in dreams.


All this for one who strolls alone,

and bows before nature’s shrine.

All this a picture where one stoops in spirited harmony,

with the wishes nature never ceases to arouse.


The saintliness of the sky,

as sunlight shines from its face.

The soft – damp – underpinning of morning dew –

tuning its temperament to heighten rising sweet

scented blooms that unite with…

putrefied floating vegetation gases.

The horn of eternity resonates in every living organism.

The cycle begins…

Birth – Life – Death – Return.



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